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Looking for a smarter way to align activities with strategic goals?

Strategic planning software that helps your team work smarter.

To maintain focus in the digital era you've got to...

Understand your market

Our tools help you gather feedback from your stakeholders, so you have a better understanding of their needs. You can choose from a variety of models and templates to help you capitalize on your strengths and bring clarity to your vision.

Release your vision

Turn your static business plan into actionable plans and actions. Get everyone on the same page driving towards your goals.

Engage your team

Align team activities with business objectives using a platform that is easy to use and that keeps all accountable and on the same page.

Have the Edge

Achieve results faster through real time updates as activities are completed. 

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Accelerate your progress with The Edge

The Edge for Planning makes it easy for your organisation to align itself with your desired future. It helps you bring clarity and focus to your important initiatives and activities.

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Understand your market

Our survey tools allow you to collect feedback from stakeholders in a structured way.


You can choose from a variety of frameworks and templates or create your own.

Once responses are received, tag and focus your attention on priority items.


From these, build strategies that capitalize on your strengths and bring your vision into reality.

Embed your vision

Your vision should be embedded across your entire organisation, with everyone aligned to common goals.


This way, you can get every business activity in view and aligned to your goals, and bring your vision to life instead of having it sit idly in a document.

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Engage your Team
Manager at Construction Site

Engage your team

Engage your team by using our easy-to-use platform, which allows executives and their teams to enter activities and provide updates from wherever they are located.


Our built-in collaboration and reporting tools ensure that everyone is engaged and on the same page.

Make It Happen

Make it happen!

Our next generation platform can help you achieve your goals faster, align activities and teams, nurture team culture and improve staff retention.


If you need help, our support network is here for you. Let's make it happen together!

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"The smartest product
in the market"

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Technology Partners
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